Switch Off Your Mind, Light Up Your Life

7 powerful insights from a former monk to help you cut out the mind’s incessant chatter to awaken the peace, happiness and inner freedom of your true nature.


This course is about getting to know yourself and the mind better. You’ll learn how to relate to your thoughts in a completely different way—a way that will help you effortlessly break free from the trap of unconscious thinking, cut out 95% of the noisy and unproductive traffic in your head; and when the mind is quiet enough, to directly experience the natural sense of peace, contentment and inner freedom that is your true nature.


Are you ready to break through the mind's noise to discover the peace, joy and freedom within?

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program,

Let’s talk about who the course is for…

You’re successful in most areas of your life—apart from the one area that probably matters the most.

You have a noisy chatterbox living between your ears—an overactive mind that runs the show and won’t leave you in peace for a moment,.

Despite all your efforts, you haven’t yet figured out how to switch the damn thing off at will, (yes, there is a simple way!) take back control and start living the rich and fulfilling life that, deep down, you know is possible.

Whether you’re…

  1. a chronic over thinker who has suffered for years from patterns such as anxiety, fear, guilt, or self-judgment and have tried all the conventional ways to fix the issue, without much success. 

2. A self-help junky looking for more peace and self-acceptance through “working on yourself” (as I did for years). You’re forever reading self-help books, listening to podcasts, trying new ways to meditate—but in truth, nothing much changes inside. Your busy mind still drives you nuts most of the time.

3. Someone who, perhaps through meditation or through grace, has had a glimpse into a deeper, more expansive, more vibrant and alive inner experience…. and you are thirsty for more. You want to know how to dive deeper into the peace of your true nature

  1. A healer, therapist, yoga, or mindfulness teacher looking to both deepen your own experience of present moment awareness AND to pick up some powerful new tools and practices to help transform the lives of your clients.

If any of these describe you...

then you’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how "Switch Off Your Life, Light Up Your Life" will give you all the guidance, tools, support and inspiration you need to break free from the trap of overthinking for good and tap into a newfound sense of joy, purpose, aliveness and inner freedom.

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By the end of this program you will have..

Understood the 7 false beliefs that keep pretty much everyone trapped in their heads for their whole lives— and how a simple shift in understanding alone can help you break free of mind-created suffering for good.

Learned how to stop being a slave to your thoughts. The course will show you how to break out of autopilot mode to take back control of the mind and consciously use it as the tool it’s intended to be, rather than being run ragged by it.

Grasped the all-important distinction between trying to find peace OF mind (pretty much impossible as the mind is restless by nature) and making peace WITH the mind, just as it is. The first approach takes years, the second is immediate!

Learned how to effortlessly disentangle yourself from your busy mind through my unique and powerful “7 Steps To Inner Freedom” coaching program.

Seen clearly how the conventional approach of trying to fix or change your negative thoughts only serves to strengthen them. You'll learn a far easier, far more effective and immediate way to find the peace you're looking for. 

Learned the one simple insight that will help you instantly cut out 95% of the troublesome and unproductive thought traffic in your head.

This insight alone is probably worth the entire course fee!

Directly experienced, through guided meditation, the deep peace that remains when the mind subsides. You’ll learn the difference between the experience of peace that comes and goes and the unchanging peace of your true nature.

Meet Richard Paterson

I'm an author, spiritual coach, meditation teacher and former monk who has been helping people find peace and inner freedom for over 20 years.

On a meditation retreat back in 2004, I made an extraordinary discovery…. one that changed my life.

Before then, I had been “working on myself” for years — trying every conceivable way to fix my overactive mind and heal my many inner conflicts—believing this was the path to finding peace and happiness. 

And then... there I was, two short weeks into the retreat, perched on a bright red cushion, experiencing a level of peace unlike anything I’d ever known before—unlike anything I even knew was possible.

The amazing part was that all the old thinking patterns that had troubled me for so many years were still there, but they were no longer affecting my peace in the slightest. My relationship with them had fundamentally changed. 

And now, almost 20 years (and three books) later, I've fine-tuned the art of helping others come to the exact same discovery.

I will show you how to experience ongoing peace... no matter what is going on in your mind.


And not just your average, run-of-the-mill experience of peace that comes and goes according to your changing moods, but the deep, unshakeable peace at the core of your being.

The culmination of more than 20 years teaching experience, “Switch Off Your Mind, Light Up Your Life” is a unique and comprehensive program that will walk you step-by-step through the process of, first freeing yourself from the grip of the mind and then, as a natural consequence, actualising the deep, meaningful and connected life that everyone longs for.

You’ll never look at your mind in the same way again!

So, let’s take a look now at the seven modules one by one to see what’s inside.





Everyone, without exception, has a restless monkey mind. When thinking is unconscious and running on autopilot, as it is in most people, there are two main consequences;

  • we are slaves to the mind and lose our peace and vitality.
  • living in our heads, we miss out on the fullness of life NOW.

The conventional solution is to 'work on yourself' for years to try and fix the monkey mind. In Module 1, you'll learn two other solutions which are far simpler, much more effective, and which take no time at all.

You will learn:

  • The Raisin Exercise, which will give you a taste of being fully present in the here and now.
  • why there’s no need to change or fix the mind to experience ongoing peace. 
  •  the 7 false beliefs that keep most people trapped in their heads forever... and how to instantly be free of them.
  • how to access the still, silent space within that is not affected by any thought, feeling or emotion.




  • Most of our troubled thinking patterns run on autopilot
  • Becoming present stops unconscious thinking in its tracks. 
  • Trying to make the mind peaceful through effort is like trying to iron the ocean.
  • You’ll never find peace of mind because the mind is restless by nature.
  • Making peace with the restless mind is the way to go—accepting that the mind is restless and messed up…. and making peace with that.  

You will learn:

  • The Noticing Exercise, a powerful exercise to stop thinking in its tracks
  • 7 ways to instantly cut out the mind's incessant chatter.
  • a simple practice you can use throughout the day to stop the mind from wandering

  • the No Past, No Future meditation, our first venture into the deep peace of your true nature.


  • Recognising the self-arising undercurrent of thoughts and emotions that flows through your awareness all day long and seeing how it cannot be changed (which is why trying to fix the mind is a non starter).
  • Lasting peace comes from a shift in understanding alone—not from changing the content of the mind but from changing the way you relate to it.
  • This new perspective wlll allow you to experience peace immediately—just as you are right now.

You will learn:

  • my signature coaching system, the “7 Steps to Inner Freedom.”
  • a powerful meditation to help you change your relationship with thoughts 
  • the significance of the quote from Nisargadatta: “there is no such thing as peace of mind. Mind is disturbance”
  • how to “Light Up Your Life” — to effortlessly tap into the vast and unchanging field of conscious awareness that is your true nature.




  • The more you resist the mind, the more power you give it… and the more you suffer.
  • Understanding the concept of ‘second arrow’ will help you cut out 95% of the mind’s unwanted traffic straight away
  • The best way to tame an angry bull is to give him a huge open field to run around in. Same with the mind.
  • Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

You will learn:

  • how to sit quietly on the riverbank and watch the river with an attitude of non-judgmental acceptance. 
  • how to shut up shop and stop engaging with the mind (thinking is NOT mandatory). 
  • how to fire the thought traffic policeman and hang out in the space of no mind instead.
  • how to access the vast field of conscious awareness within, where you are already free. 


  • Thoughts appear by themselves but thinking is a choice. You can switch off any storyline in any moment, if you choose to.
  • The mind is a beautiful servant but a dangerous master. It has as much power as you give it.
  • Kicking the thinking habit is like going to the gym. It's not difficult but requires practice and repetition.
  • The mind tells more lies than Pinocchio.

You will learn:

  •  the difference between thoughts arising by themselves, which can’t be helped, and the habit of thinking which is a choice and can be stopped in any moment.

  • a powerful 4-step process to question everything the mind comes up with. 
  • the origin of the universal belief “there’s something wrong with me” and how clarity can set you free.
  • to dive into the unending peace of your true nature with “A Journey Into Yourself” meditation.


  • The self-image (who you believe you are) can never be perfected because it is imperfect by nature. The unconditioned self (who you really are) cannot be improved because it is already perfect.
  • You don’t need to change a thing about yourself to experience peace. You need to accept yourself just as you are… and in this, there is peace.
  • 6 ways to accept yourself more through nurturing an attitude of compassion, kindness and self-love.
  • Unconditional peace (or full self-acceptance) comes from discovering who we really are, beyond the ever-changing thoughts, feelings and emotions of the human condition. 

You will learn:

  • how thoughts are impersonal—a product of your past conditioning—and don’t say a thing about who you are now.
  • The RAIN practice— a powerful exercise for dealing with difficult feelings and emotions.
  • 3 simple practices to nurture kindness, compassion and self-acceptance.


  • The most decisive event in your life is the day you discover you are not your thoughts.
  • The awareness behind your thoughts is always at peace, always free, always content.
  • If you are fully present for even a moment, peace is there. It’s who you already are. You don’t have to look for it or create it.
  • The screen doesn't get wet when it rains in the movie. Awareness isn't touched by the thoughts that pass across it.
  • Peak experiences and the true Self.

You will learn:

  • why switching off your mind is the key to lighting up your life.
  • how your heart is a much more reliable compass than your head for navigating your path through life.
  • the difference between an existence and a life— and how to make the shift.
  • “Dissolving the Self-Image”— a powerful meditation to connect directly with the peace of your true nature.

Here’s a short recap of everything you’ll get when you sign up today for “Switch Off Your Mind, Light Up Your Life.”

✨ 7 implementation modules offering a step-by-step approach to taking back control of your runaway thoughts, cutting out unwanted thinking and finding the inner peace and happiness you long for.

✨ 2 unique frameworks— “The 7 False Beliefs That Kept Me Trapped In My Head For Years” …and my signature coaching program, “The 7 Steps to Inner Freedom,” Together, these will cut out 95% of the unwanted thoughts in your head

✨ 14 powerful guided meditations, to help you grasp the course material not only conceptually but also directly experience for yourself the deep peace and inner freedom at the core of your being

✨ A step-by-step plan Becoming free of the mind is a gradual disentangling process that requires practice. Between modules, there will be assignments, exercises, and carefully curated meditation practices to help you achieve this

✨ Life-Time Access to the course so you can always come back to the course anytime you need

Plus, these bonuses to help you create unstoppable momentum... and keep it 

  Book and Audiobook

HELP! I Can't Stop Thinking

by Richard Paterson

9 Supplementary Meditations for

HELP! I Can't Stop Thinking 

by Richard Paterson

Are you ready to take back control today and make peace with your busy mind for good?

The next 8-week live launch will start in spring 2023 but you can grab the Self Study version today for only $297

Self Study Course

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What you'll get...

✨ 7 implementation modules ( 7 + hours of instructional video) walking you step-by-step through the process of taking back control of your runaway thoughts, cutting out unwanted thinking for good and directly experiencing the peace, happiness and inner freedom you long for.

✨ 2 unique frameworks —7 False Beliefs That Kept Me Trapped In My Head For Years” and my signature coaching program, “The 7 Steps to Inner Freedom,” Together, these will cut out 95% of the unwanted thoughts in your head.

✨ 14 powerful guided meditations, to help you grasp the course material not only conceptually but also directly experience for yourself the deep peace and inner freedom at the core of your being

✨ A step-by-step plan Breaking free of the mind is a gradual disentangling process that requires practice. Between modules, there will be assignments, exercises, and carefully curated meditation practices to help you achieve this.

 ✨ Life-Time Access to the course so you can go at your own pace and come back to the course anytime you need to.


Still on the Fence?

You should give “Switch Off Your Mind, Light Up Your Life” a 14-day risk-free try if any of the following speak to you:

✨ You’re really tired of the incessant chatter in your head and the impact it’s having on your quality of life and are beyond ready to do something about it.

✨ You’re a self-help enthusiast who, despite years of working on yourself, feel that nothing much has changed. You’re still looking for that key piece of the puzzle that will bring about a seismic shift in your experience.

✨ Although you’ve been successful in life and feel you SHOULD be happy, everything feels a bit flat, a bit meaningless… like something is missing. You want your sparkle back but you’re not sure how to get it.

✨ You’ve had some kind of an ‘awakening experience’ in the past— a time where you felt more alive, more connected, more joyful perhaps— and you’ve always wanted to get back there. The course will show you how.

I can’t wait to share these life-changing insights with you

The insights I share with you in this course changed my own life beyond recognition… and has helped transform the lives of the many who have read my books, attended my meditation retreats over the years or come to me for individual or group coaching.

The material in the course is a culmination of almost four decades of spiritual exploration and self-discovery, including 7 years as a monk, 20 years teaching meditation and many more years sitting cross-legged on dirt floors at the feet of masters in Indian ashrams.... which I still do! 

If there’s a topic I know inside out, it’s this...

how to switch off a busy mind and connect with the peace, joy, freedom and inner feeling of connection that you thirst for… even if you don’t know it yet!!

Here’s the truth… and the essence of what I’ll share with you on the course. 

Trying to find peace of mind will take you years and years of hard work and even then, you might never find it. The odds are stacked against you.

I've had so many clients who have been down that road, often for years.

I’ll show you how to find peace straight away, no matter what’s going on in your head.

That’s got to be worth checking out?

Should you choose to accept this invitation, I personally guarantee that the insights I share in this course will be both eye-opening and life-changing... and you and for those around you.

I look forward to meeting you inside “Switch Off Your Mind, Light Up Your Life.”

Love and Peace, Richard