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4 Simple Ways to Instantly Make Peace with a Troubled Mind

Everybody, without exception, has a restless monkey mind— a noisy chatterbox that lives between your ears and talks to you from morning till night, offering a running commentary on every little detail of your life... whether you want to hear it or not! 

It can be exasperating, as we all know. But thankfully, there IS a simple solution.

In this FREE Live Masterclass, I'll show you some simple and extremely effective ways to switch off the mind at will so it no longer has the power to disturb your peace!

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In this FREE Live Masterclass you will learn:

the difference between searching for peace of mind (which can take years) and making peace WITH the mind, which is immediate. This simple shift in understanding alone will cut years off your journey to peace and inner freedom. 

two powerful frameworks that will radically change your relationship with the mind, so thinking becomes a conscious choice rather than an unconscious habit. The mind only has as much power as you give it.

one simple insight that will allow you to cut out 95% of the noisy and unproductive chatter in your head straight away, making your mind a much quieter place. 

how to “set the mind aside” to experience the unshakeable peace of your true nature (as opposed to the fleeting feeling of peace that comes and goes).

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